Army_coat_pix Models belonging to R. Wade Schuette

R. Wade Schuette automation, regression-testing, utility, validation (No group) 122787527.76882671 almost 4 years ago
Standing Ovation Problem - v1 preview image Standing Ovation Problem - v1
R. Wade Schuette model thinking course~, peer pressure, psychology, sociology, standing ovation problem (No group) 121122152.97176537 almost 4 years ago
Gendercase preview image Gendercase
R. Wade Schuette collaborations, culture, empathy, humility, teamwork (No group) 92064638.50072856 almost 3 years ago
changeDetector preview image changeDetector
R. Wade Schuette (No tags) (No group) 84859468.04551244 over 2 years ago
goal-seeking-boids preview image goal-seeking-boids
R. Wade Schuette goal-seeking (No group) 61975080.04050776 almost 2 years ago
forest-seekers preview image forest-seekers
R. Wade Schuette (No tags) (No group) 82439305.19168124 over 2 years ago
VANET-shell preview image VANET-shell
R. Wade Schuette manets, vanet (No group) 80564760.16601416 over 2 years ago
non-transitive dice preview image non-transitive dice
R. Wade Schuette (No tags) (No group) 61204412.71866795 almost 2 years ago
Brush Fire Covid Model preview image Brush Fire Covid Model
R. Wade Schuette covid-19, epidemiology, social distancing, sir, seir, seird, viral infection, public health, lockdown, healthcare barriers, healthcare quality, transmission, testing, epidemic (No group) 60593270.35214913 almost 2 years ago
Popup HUD - part 1 of 2 preview image Popup HUD - part 1 of 2
R. Wade Schuette hud, levelspace (No group) 40638355.42259843 over 1 year ago
Popup HUD - part 2 of 2 preview image Popup HUD - part 2 of 2
R. Wade Schuette hud, levelspace (No group) 40792075.857361935 over 1 year ago
scatterplot preview image scatterplot
R. Wade Schuette matplotlib, scatterplot (No group) 28296545.957897905 11 months ago