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Interpreting Congestion Charge (Simple, step 1)
Arthur Hjorth traffic (No group) 193501383.21466488 about 6 years ago
The Indeterminacy of 'Public Goods' - framing an analysis of a congestion charge policy
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Emergent voronoi test upload
David Weintrop, Uri Wilensky, Arthur Hjorth, and Bryan Head (No tags) (No group) 193501366.21739152 about 6 years ago
Segregation child - or not?
Arthur Hjorth (No tags) LS426-2012 193501345.75810724 about 6 years ago
Arthur Hjorth (No tags) LS426-2012 193501345.6931791 about 6 years ago
Tidal bulges model - WORK IN PROGRESS
Arthur Hjorth (No tags) CCL 193501345.46293843 about 6 years ago
testing encoding - again :)
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Wolf Sheep Predation - GoGo Plotter
Arthur Hjorth (No tags) LS426-2012 193501335.20352805 about 6 years ago
Tel Aviv Under Fire preview image Tel Aviv Under Fire
Arthur Hjorth (No tags) (No group) 193501305.24051538 about 6 years ago
Rumors on Your Network
David Weintrop and Arthur Hjorth (No tags) (No group) 150065279.37214974 almost 5 years ago
Thisis a test upload - hi Reuven! preview image Thisis a test upload - hi Reuven!
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infotab test
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