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Tagged by Diego Díaz Córdova 2 months ago


Tagged by Diego Díaz Córdova 2 months ago

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globals [
  choques ; acumula cantidad de choques
;; 0.026 descaceleration
;; 0.0045 aceleration
turtles-own [
  alcohol? ;variable booleana que indica si la tortuga consumió alcohol o no

to setup
  set speed-limit 1
  set speed-min 0
  ask patches [ setup-road ]

to setup-road ;; patch procedure
  if pycor < 2 and pycor > -2 [ set pcolor white ]

to setup-cars
  if number-of-cars > world-width [
    user-message (word
      "There are too many cars for the amount of road. "
      "Please decrease the NUMBER-OF-CARS slider to below "
      (world-width + 1) " and press the SETUP button again. "
      "The setup has stopped.")

  if tortugasalcoholizadas > number-of-cars [
    user-message (word
      "Hay más autos alcoholizados que autos en el tablero. Baje la cantidad de autos alcoholizados a menor o igual que la cantidad de autos totales"

  set-default-shape turtles "car"
  create-turtles number-of-cars [
    set color blue
    set xcor random-xcor
    set heading 90
    ;; set initial speed to be in range 0.1 to 1.0
    set speed 0.01 ;;+ random-float 0.9
    set label-color red

  let posiblesalcoholizadas n-of tortugasalcoholizadas turtles
  if count posiblesalcoholizadas > 0
  ask turtles [
     if member? self posiblesalcoholizadas
       [ set alcohol? true
         set color yellow

; this procedure is needed so when we click "Setup" we
; don't end up with any two cars on the same patch

to separate-cars ;; turtle procedure
  if any? other turtles-here [
    fd 1

to go
  ;; if there is a car right ahead of you, match its speed then slow down
  ask turtles
    let car-ahead one-of turtles-on patch-ahead 1
    ifelse car-ahead != nobody
        ifelse alcohol? = 0
          [set speed 0]
          [slow-down-car car-ahead]
      [ speed-up-car ] ;; otherwise, speed up
    ;; don't slow down below speed minimum or speed up beyond speed limit
    ;;si hay un auto delante y no tomó alcohol entonces frena
    ;; que pasa si hay un auto alcoholizado
    ;; si el auto está alcoholizado entonces no respeta ni la velocidad máxima ni la mínima
   if alcohol? = 0
      if speed < speed-min [ set speed speed-min ]
      if speed > speed-limit [ set speed speed-limit ]
    if speed < 0 [set speed 0]

    if (count turtles-here > 1)
      [set choques (choques + 1)
       set speed 0
       back 1

    fd speed



to slow-down-car [ car-ahead ] ;; turtle procedure
  ;; slow down so you are driving more slowly than the car ahead of you
  ;; if it is drunk it tries to drive so slowly asn the car ahead of him
  set speed [ speed ] of car-ahead - deceleration

to speed-up-car ;; turtle procedure
  ;; if it is drunk then it speed up at much more acceleration
  ifelse alcohol? = true
  [set speed speed + (acceleration * 2)]
  [set speed speed + acceleration]

; Modifed 2024 Diaz Cordova et alumni UBA
; Copyright 1997 Uri Wilensky.
; See Info tab for full copyright and license.

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