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globals [

turtles-own [

to setup
  create-turtles initial-consumer [ turtle-setup]
    update-demand-points-and-average-consumer-income             ;; ensures that with each tick the demand points and plots with update according to the interface and other numbers

;; visualize the consumers from left to right in ascending order of income

to turtle-setup
    set shape "circle"
    set color red
    set size 3
    set xcor income
  set income random 200
  setxy income random-ycor

  set income income + 10
ifelse show-income?               ;; shows the starting amount of consumer income for each consumer competiting in the market
[ set label income ]
[ set label "" ]

to go
  ;; transact and then update your location
  ask turtles with [ income > 50 ] [ transact ]
  ;; prevent consumers with higher incomes from moving too far to the right -- that is, outside the view
  ask turtles [ if consumers <= max-pxcor [ set xcor income ] ]

to transact
  ;; give income (or purchasing power) to another turtle
  ;; when a consumer is leaving the market because the they do not have an income greater than 50
  set income income - 1
  ask one-of other turtles [ set income income + 1 ]

;; report the total income of the top 10% of consumers

to-report top-10-pct-income
  report sum [ income ] of max-n-of (count turtles * 0.10) turtles [ income ]

;; report the total income of the bottom half of consumers

to-report bottom-50-pct-income
  report sum [ income ] of min-n-of (count turtles * 0.50) turtles [ income ]

to update-demand-points-and-average-consumer-income
  let num-income count turtles
  let sorted-income sort [ income ] of turtles
  let total-income sum sorted-income
  let income-sum-so-far 0
  let index 0
  set average-consumer-income 1
  set demand-points []
  repeat num-income [
    set income-sum-so-far (income-sum-so-far + item index sorted-income)
    set demand-points lput ((income-sum-so-far / average-consumer-income) * 100)  demand-points                  ;demand-points
      set index (index + 1)
      set average-consumer-income-index
      average-consumer-income-index +
      (index / num-income) -
      (income-sum-so-far / average-consumer-income)

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