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; 创建 turtles 和 patches
create-turtles 50 [
  set color blue
  setxy random-xcor random-ycor

ask turtles [
  ; 每只 turtle 随机移动一步
  fd 1

ask turtles [
  ; 如果 turtle 到达边界,就改变颜色并反弹
  if xcor >= max-pxcor or xcor <= min-pxcor [
    set color red
    set heading (- heading)
  if ycor >= max-pycor or ycor <= min-pycor [
    set color green
    set heading (180 - heading)

; 在 patches 上绘制一个简单的图案
ask patches [
  if pycor = 0 [
    set pcolor yellow

; 打印 turtles 的数量
print count turtles

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